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Colombia: A Concise Contemporary History
Posted by JayJay on 22-04-2024, 01:44 @ English eBooks

Michael J. LaRosa and Germán R. Mejía offer a comprehensive approach to Colombian history in the post-independence era, from about 1810 to the present. This third edition includes vital updates that dive into the historic 2022 presidential election and signing of the Peace Accords with FARC in 2016.

This deeply informed and accessible book thematically traces the history of Colombia, moving beyond the common perception of a failed state to explore the rich heritage and dynamism that have characterized Colombia past and present. The book focuses on the factors that have contributed to Colombia’s unification and development and looks at political projects, economic activity, and cultural development that have pushed Colombia forward. Also included are a photo essay, detailed chronology for further study and research, and a chapter dealing with Colombians abroad.

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