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Behavioral marketing : delivering personalized experiences at scale

Posted by JayJay on 14-03-2021, 18:42 @ English eBooks
Behavioral marketing : delivering personalized experiences at scale

Grow revenue by leveraging behavioral marketing during your next campaign
Behavioral Marketing guides you in using relatively new marketing tactics to grow revenue and create process efficiencies. An incredibly valuable text, this book defines the key principles of behavioral marketing—including customer journey mapping, channel-level planning, data capture and hygiene, campaign creation, delivery best practices, and measurement/optimization—and shows you how to fix highly inefficient processes while implementing your next marketing initiative. Within the pages of this resource are the secrets to improving processes and becoming more 'revenue predictable'—things that benefit businesses in virtually any industry. Additionally, this book provides you with case studies that spotlight the successes and challenges experienced by other marketing pros, and offer up key lessons to assist you in sharing their triumphs and avoiding their pitfalls.

Behavioral marketing, a term first coined in 2008, has become increasingly important as digital marketing tactics have becoming increasingly popular. This particular facet of marketing focuses on responding to the actions, clicks, and behaviors of both current and prospective customers—and allows you to use this data to adapt your marketing efforts to customer preferences. The results of this dynamic marketing approach are often a more predictable revenue stream and a more efficient marketing department, both of which any business would welcome!

Understand the key principles of behavioral marketing
Create a more 'revenue predictable' business environment
Examine case studies across multiple industries
Discover how to achieve revenue growth and process efficiencies with the right behavioral marketing tactics
Behavioral Marketing is a unique resource that brings value and insight to all marketing professionals using digital marketing tactics