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5 Cooking and Diets eBooks

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5 Cooking and Diets eBooks

Ray Daniels, Jim Parker, "Brown Ale: History, Brewing Techniques, Recipes"
Straight Up: Where to drink & what to drink on every continent by Joel Harrison
Pennsylvania Scrapple: A Delectable History (American Palate) by Amy Strauss
The Art of the Cookie: Baking Up Inspiration by the Dozen by Shelly Kaldunski
Brunswick Stew: A Virginia Tradition (American Palate) by Joseph R. Haynes

*Ray Daniels, Jim Parker, "Brown Ale: History, Brewing Techniques, Recipes"
1998 | ISBN-10: 0937381608 | 239 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Brown ale is the chameleon of all beers. Its ever-evolving identity lends to its elusive reputation. Ray Daniels and Jim Parker harness the mystery of this beer style and divulge some of its secrets. They also reveal how Samuel Smith's and Scottish and Newcastle breweries craft their world-renown ale and why chefs use brown ale more than any other beer style. Brown ale will never seem the same after reading this book.

*Straight Up: Where to drink & what to drink on every continent by Joel Harrison
English | 9 Oct. 2017 | ISBN: 1784722731 | ASIN: B06XWV3DMS | 288 Pages | AZW3 | 19.7 MB
How great would it be to have access to the world's experts to help you choose the coolest and most interesting bars, wherever you find yourself in the world? Well, now you do. Straight Up is a carefully curated collection of insider tips that will allow you to discover the best drinking spots around the globe.
From a 10-seat basement bar in Tokyo, to classic hotel-bar glamour and a glitzy rooftop poolside bar in Milan, this book contains everything you need to drink in style, brought to you by the locals in the know.
Spirits experts Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley have gathered a team of expert contributors among the world's bartending community to nose out the most interesting and characterful experiences. Throughout the book you'll also find lots of features on signature cocktails, the low-down on star bartenders, and even 'A Day Drinking in…' with the perfect city itinerary.

*Pennsylvania Scrapple: A Delectable History (American Palate) by Amy Strauss
English | 9 Oct. 2017 | ISBN: 162585885X | ASIN: B0763SBRLG | 160 Pages | AZW3 | 2.51 MB
An essential food in Mid-Atlantic kitchens for hundreds of years, scrapple is the often-overlooked king of breakfast meats. Developed by German settlers of Pennsylvania, the slow food byproduct was created to avoid waste in the day's butchering. Pork trimmings were stewed until tender, ground like sausage and blended with the originating broth, cornmeal and buckwheat flour. Crispy slabs of scrapple sustained regional ancestors through frigid winter months and hard-worked harvests. Today, companies such as Habbersett and Rapa still produce scrapple as new generations of chefs create exciting ways to eat the staple. Join author Amy Strauss as she traces the sizzling history and culture of a beloved Pennsylvania Dutch icon.

*The Art of the Cookie: Baking Up Inspiration by the Dozen by Shelly Kaldunski
English | January 18th, 2017 | ASIN: B01NAUS3DM, ISBN: 1616280352 | 47 Pages | EPUB | 6.33 MB
There's more to cookies than initially meets the eye. A cookie is actually a delicious blank canvas for hungry kids, cookie swap participants and aspiring confectionary artists alike. The Art of the Cookie is jam packed with delicious cookies recipes, which were selected for their visual appeal as much as their flavor, and top tips for cookie decoration. A beautifully crafted cookie is a work of art and beloved by all.
Still-warm cookies fresh from the oven are irresistibly enticing but decorating the treats doubles the fun. Whether it's a cookie exchange, holiday gathering, or Mother's Day tea, these cookies promise exceptional flavor and a stunning visual that will be a memorable addition to any occasion.The Art of the Cookie presents over 40 delectable recipes and inspiring decorating ideas. Rather than focusing on the techniques of baking cookies, this book focuses on transforming a simple cookie into a masterpiece.Roll, cut, repeat – then get to work.
This first chapter offers classic yet versatile roll-and-cut dough recipes, such as brown sugar cookies and gingerbread. The cookies may be ready to go but the decorations are not. Find clever, yet simple ideas for decorating any type of roll-and-cut: vibrant vanilla-sugar flowers; alphabet shapes flooded with icing and sprinkled with colorful sugars; and petits fours stacked to resemble a miniature wedding cake. Extravagant made easy. The second chapter includes classics with a modern twist, such as sparkly macaroons; wreath-shaped sugar cookies baked with lemon and thyme. Decoration and filling ideas include icing ornaments and striped cookies that taste and look like peppermint sticks. With gorgeous, colorful photographs throughout this book has all the encouragement and know-how you'll need to create artful cookies that look as if they were purchased from a pastry shop – and taste like it too.

*Brunswick Stew: A Virginia Tradition (American Palate) by Joseph R. Haynes
English | 9 Oct. 2017 | ISBN: 1625859643 | ASIN: B0763S7V7C | 144 Pages | AZW3 | 3.13 MB
With roots in Native American, African and European cooking traditions, Brunswick stew developed in colonial- and Federal-era Virginia, when squirrel was a necessary ingredient. By the nineteenth century, the mouthwatering delicacy had become an important part of politicking, celebrating and family gatherings. At the same time, it spread beyond Virginia, following barbecue culture into the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources, author, award-winning barbecue cook and Brunswick stew expert Joe Haynes entertains with barbecue stew history, legend and lore, complete with authentic recipes.