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Kanto Karaoke Player&Recorder 9.5.0

Posted by wblue on 24-09-2017, 00:37 @ Program
We have launched an innovative karaoke player (for PC Windows and Mac OS X) named Kanto Karaoke. The main objective of this program is to facilitate the performance of professional or amateur singers, thanks to real-time management of the musical lineup and mixing and crossfading between songs.

Kanto Karaoke Player&Recorder
Kanto Karaoke Player&Recorder 9.5.0

We have created a Live Performance section where the singer can create and edit his own play list with ease, using drag & drop files from PC.
The sound quality is excellent, even for midi files through integration with soundfonts. The user can also import his own sound fonts and integrate it with the program.
There are many settings and features offered by the program, such as the recording of the voice on the song, the direct conversion of midi to mp3, midi channel management, and much more.