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WinLive Pro / Pro Synth 8.0.00

Posted by wblue on 22-01-2018, 16:33 @ Program
WinLive Pro 7 Synth Orchestra is a powerful and professional Karaoke midi/audio player. Includes everything in WinLive Pro with extra features, such as; ASIO Driver Management, Midi IN, Winlive Digital Piano, Audio - MIDI Converter, Software Synth GM + (with over 250 sounds and 15 drum kits).

WinLive Pro / Pro Synth 8.0.00

Müzikal eğlence için de büyük bilgisayar için en güçlü karaoke sistemi,

Professional karaoke multiplayer with virtual sound generator GM/GS software:
• Playing of various media files (midi , kar , mp3, wav, cdg , avi, mpg , mp4, flv , txt , rtf , jpg, gif , bmp )
• Key transpose for MIDI files , audio and video
• Pre-listen to the audio files in the secondary device (E.G. in Headphone)
• Record your voice over midi or audio files
• Add insert effect of main o secondary/recorded Audio track
• Multi track player (Midi+Audio or Audio+Audio) with splitted controls (Volume/Efx ec..)
• Book with fade out or mixing between Audio song and Midi
• Dual monitor support ( Video and CDG files too )
• Database for managing files and related settings
• User sound editor for the creation of new sound banks
• Audio Samples editor to insert real-time up to 100 samples
• Managing Volume , Effects, Stamp , Kent , Transpose , Sustain , etc .. for each midi track
• Storing virtual or physical changes for each song
• Management of up to 16 different devices for midi
• Import text in TXT /RTF format ( electronic music-stand )
• Various karaoke display methods, also different for secondary screen (Karaoke Monitor)
• Possibility to edit the individual notes of the drum track
• Ability to associate a text or image to an Audio or Midi
• Insert you custom karaoke or chords for Midi and Audio (stored in meta tags of the media file)
• Sophisticated search engine with different criteria
• Extraction and conversion from Cd in mp3 or wave
• Compressor volumes for both Audio and Midi Files
• Up to 10 locators for each song
• Inserting images as background
• Custom Midi-Engine permit realtime modify your settings(Volume,Instuments,Dynamics,Pan,Reverb,CutOff ecc...)
• Compatible with M-Live karaoke format
• Cover feature to change the feeling of the midifiles
• General volumes, parameters of compression ,and other audio engine settings
• General volumes, parameters of compression ,and other midi engine settings (only synth orchestra)
• Wave to MP3 Converter
• Import of Grooves in midi and audio format
• Cue point management with detailed info such: insert text, images , loops , jumps key change at specific points ecc..
• Display score and simplified notes on midifiles
• Merge more databases
• Auto chord recognition from midi files

Plus Synth Orchestra:
• Internal GM+ sound bank of 72 MB HI-Quality Wavetable
• Midi availability to play internal sounds
• Winlive digital piano ,up to 4 part suond synthesizer
• ASIO Driver management
• Convert MIDI to Wave or Mp3 directly with karaoke included
• Main volume , Compresson, filter enchancer on Midi Engine