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Fair Isle Knitting: A Practical & Inspirational Guide

Posted by JayJay on 19-11-2023, 23:40 @ English eBooks
Fair Isle Knitting: A Practical & Inspirational Guide

“A great book to ease a knitter new to Fair Isle knitting into the fold” with projects for sweaters, hats, pillows, bags, and more from the top designer (

Fair Isle knitting has a timeless appeal, and is celebrated all over the world for its beautiful patterns and distinctive motifs. Using just two colors in each row you can create a myriad of different patterns that are deceptively easy to achieve. In this definitive guide, expert knitting designer and bestselling author Monica Russel teaches you the essential skills of this traditional colorwork technique and provides all the inspiration you need to create stunning Fair Isle patterns of your own.

The book includes a fascinating history of Fair Isle knitting, and takes a close look at the yarns, needles and other tools you need to get started in colorwork
There are step-by-step instructions on the key techniques for creating Fair Isle patterns, including choosing colors and using charts, all illustrated with step-by-step photographs and an abundance of colorful examples
A stunning collection of pattern swatches provides inspiration and instruction for over 45 borders, patterns and motifs, all accompanied by a written pattern, chart and examples in various colorways
To practice your new skills, there are 14 items to knit, ranging from a simple hat to a stunning dress and waistcoat.