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Metaversed: See Beyond The Hype

Posted by JayJay on 8-01-2023, 12:05 @ English eBooks
Metaversed: See Beyond The Hype

Understand the coming metaverse―and discover how to look past the hype and harness the future of technology.
Metaversed is an insightful discussion and analysis of the next, rapidly approaching technological revolution. The authors deliver a compelling new exploration of how the metaverse and emerging technologies combine to define our collective future. In addition to identifying the business opportunities, the book pulls back the curtain on major safety and privacy issues that will arise and the expected shifts in both our private and social spheres.

In the book, you’ll understand:
How multiple industries will be changed and challenged in a 3D spatial world and how to navigate the future crypto-ladden business landscape;
Legal and policy considerations necessary to build and maintain safe, shared digital spaces
The economic and social impacts, including the potential for our digital lives to outlive our physical selves
Actionable insights, so you can make the most out of the next digital revolution
Metaversed is a can’t-miss presentation of the most significant market opportunities and societal challenges posed by the metaverse. It also will empower readers to take positive action that avoids the same online mistakes that happened on social media and create more responsible tech usage habits in our personal and professional lives.