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Color Theory For Dummies

Posted by JayJay on 20-08-2022, 11:44 @ English eBooks
Color Theory For Dummies

Choose the right colors and color combinations for your projects

Color theory is the art and science of using color. Color Theory For Dummies explains, in simple terms, how colors relate to one another and how they can be combined to work together in an aesthetically pleasing way. An understanding of color theory can help you create art, decorate your home, design a beautiful wedding, and impress your friends at parties. With this book, you’ll learn how humans perceive color, how colors harmonize or clash with each other, and how you can apply these principles in your life and work to add a little, well, color to things.

Discover the history and science behind how we see colors
Understand how colors mix, match, and contrast so you can create better color combinations
Learn how certain colors have the ability to affect how we feel and think
Apply color theory to design, art, décor, photography, and beyond
Color Theory For Dummies simplifies and illuminates the world of color theory, outlining and defining color in a digestible and applicable way.