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25 Street Billboards Mockups

Posted by JayJay on 22-03-2021, 18:04 @ Grafik
25 Street Billboards Mockups

Street Billboards Mockups is a set of 25 hi-resolution, real photographs of street billboards and posters that allows you quickly and easily display your design in real world scenarios.

This product features 25 locations in Moscow, Russia streets and contains the following items:

Vertical billboards;
Horizontal billbords;
Bus stops billboards;
Pole billboards;
Stand billboard;
Wall billboards;
Narrow size;
Traditional size.
The mockups contains:

Smart Object for one click design changes;
25 unique and cool locations;
Vertical mockups;
Horizontal mockups;
Some mockups contains more then one billboards in a scene;
300 dpi print ready;
4032px  ×  2688px or  2688px × 4032 px in size;
Jpeg previews.