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Topaz Clean 3.2.0 DC 06.10.2017

Posted by wblue on 7-10-2017, 15:27 @ Program
Topaz Clean
Topaz Clean 3.2.0 DC 06.10.2017

Topaz Clean is a powerful detail smoothing and edge stylization plug-in that simplifies advanced techniques typically used for creating smooth, flawless skin and curly, vectorized effects - allowing you to quickly and easily reduce or remove the depth of detail within images, while maintaining important structural detail and enhancing edges.

Powerful Stylized Image Cleaning
Take control of the extensive smoothing capabilities of the new Topaz Clean 2 Photoshop plug-in to add gripping one-of-a-kind enhancements to any photo.
Experience a wide range of effects from highly effective edge sharpening to graceful artistic effects that leave viewers breathless.
Smooth and Unique Edge Manipulation
Topaz Clean's state-of-the-art edge algorithms with integrated smoothing capabilities make it ideal for high-quality sharpening, but why stop there?
Highly Selective Texture Control
Take highly precise control over the manipulation of texture and detail. Choose the nature of desired texture and let Topaz Clean 2 do the rest.
Artistic Detail Flattening
Intentional artistic over-application of Topaz Clean 2's innovative smoothing function can create an image that pops right off the page. Clean 2 preserves the contours and overall image integrity while optimally removing the less-desired details.
Enjoy an efficient presets architecture
The fully-featured Presets architecture makes it easy to take full advantage of the creative power that Topaz Clean 2 puts in your hands.
Applying a preset to your image is as simple as clicking the preview. The extensive collection of included presets range from mild adjustments to deep enhancements, all of which can serve to jump-start any photo enhancement.
In addition to the included default presets, Topaz Clean 2 also gives the option to save your own individual presets and share them with your friends. Many online Topaz communities also pass around widely-used custom presets.