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FonePaw İOS Transfer v6.5.0

Posted by JayJay on 25-12-2023, 22:42 @ Program
Easily Transfer All Your iOS Device Content to Computer
FonePaw iOS Transfer is a software that lets you easily move photos, videos, music, SMS, contacts, etc. from your iOS mobile device to your Mac or Windows computer.

Transfers Everything
FonePaw iOS Transfer does more than what iTunes does. It also easily handles your music, which includes moving songs selectively, and playlists between PC/iTunes and iOS devices without any restriction. To start transferring movies, videos, voice memos, podcasts, books, photos, contacts, etc. from your iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac/PC/iDevice/iTunes or back, connect your iOS device to your computer. This seamless transfer feature would come in handy if you move to another computer. iOS Transfer can be used for recreating your iTunes library and sync all the content. Also, you may quickly edit, add and group contacts and locate and merge duplicate contacts. Moreover, the transfer tool can help with restoring or backing up contacts.

More Than What iTunes Offers
The iTunes experience isn’t the best on iOS. It gets split into different apps such as Music, iTunes Store, Podcasts, Videos, Photos and iBooks. This make iTunes heavy and also less user-friendly. iOS Transfer simplifies what iTunes does, reducing the need to depend too much on iTunes. FonePaw iOS Transfer also has some additional useful features and is not as heavy as iTunes. If you thought iCloud and iTunes could do much better, then iOS Transfer is what you need.

FonePaw İOS Transfer v6.5.0

Tüm iOS Cihaz İçeriğinizi Bilgisayara Kolayca Aktarın
FonePaw iOS Transfer, fotoğrafları, videoları, müziği, SMS'leri, kişileri vb. iOS mobil cihazınızdan Mac veya Windows bilgisayarınıza kolayca taşımanıza olanak tanıyan bir yazılımdır.