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BBC 2: Van Gogh: Painted with Words
Posted by JayJay on 8-05-2019, 23:14 @ Video
BBC 2: Van Gogh: Painted with Words

Award-winning drama-documentary, presented by Alan Yentob, with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role as Van Gogh, using dialogue sourced from the artist's letters to his brother.
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Understand more and improve your English pronunciation with the GRAB & BREAK METHOD
Posted by JayJay on 2-05-2019, 10:17 @ Video
Do you know what Active Listening is? I will show you how you can use Active Listening and my GRAB & BREAK method to improve your ability to listen and to understand REAL English conversations. By using this method, you will also improve your pronunciation and vocabulary! And best of all, once you learn how to do it, you can practice in just a few minutes. Learn this powerful technique and start improving your English now.

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Sound like a Native English Speaker: Tapping
Posted by JayJay on 2-05-2019, 10:15 @ Video
Want to sound more like a native speaker? Learn this American accent secret! In this lesson, you will discover something very common in North American pronunciation: tapping. Tapping is when we change a /t/ sound to a /d/ sound. For example, in North American English we pronounce the word water like wader. Watch this video to find out when we use tapping and what it sounds like. Finally, we will practice the pronunciation of example words together using tapping.

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TOEFL iBT: Independent Speaking Task – 5 Ways to Succeed
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 23:16 @ Video
What is the structure of the TOEFL independent speaking task? What types of questions are on it? For how long must you speak? I answer these questions and give five tips on how to prepare yourself for the TOEFL iBT independent speaking task. Watch the video to prepare yourself and get a high score.

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Describing people in English: BE or BEING?
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 20:30 @ Video
Do you know the difference between he is nice and he is being nice? This small change makes a huge difference! In this video, you’ll learn how “be” and “being” can either express an overall personality, or a current behavior. The English language is full of small changes which can alter the meaning of a sentence completely. But don’t worry! I’ll explain how be and being differ from each other, and will teach you to use them correctly. You’ll have a chance to see many example sentences, and we’ll do some practice exercises together.

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Conversation Skills in English – Hesitation devices – uh…um…
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 20:29 @ Video
This one simple technique will improve your communication and English conversation abilities – no matter what your level is.

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“I seen it” and other stupid mistakes
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 19:53 @ Video
I’m sure “you seen” it before, but that doesn’t make it right. This lesson will help you understand and correct three very common grammar mistakes that even many native English speakers make every day.

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STOP talking like a baby!
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 19:31 @ Video
Do you know what baby talk is? It’s a cute way of saying things, usually used by young children. Sometimes English learners use baby talk without knowing it, and this can be very embarrassing! Don’t worry—I’ll tell you what the most common baby talk words and phrases you might be saying are. I’ll also explain some common ways baby talk is used by children, so you can understand English-speaking children and know how to speak to them.

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Words that belong together: Adverb-Adjective Collocations in English
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 19:21 @ Video
Does your language have words that just sound good together? In English, these are called collocations. In this important English vocabulary lesson, you’ll learn 10 common adverb-adjective combinations. These include expressions such as seriously injured, highly probable, totally wrong, virtually impossible, cautiously optimistic, and more! If you want to improve your vocabulary and sound like a native English speaker, this lesson is a must, especially for intermediate and advanced level English students.

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Spelling & Pronunciation – Words with Silent Letters
Posted by JayJay on 1-05-2019, 19:11 @ Video
Write, knife, should, could, would…all of these words have silent letters! Learn which groups of words in English have silent letters, and how to pronounce these tricky words.

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