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Logic - 3rd Edition

Posted by JayJay on 23-04-2021, 17:31 @ English eBooks
Logic - 3rd Edition

This is a condensed version of Logic, Third Edition, by Stan Baronett, containing chapters 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 from the main text. Featuring an exceptionally clear writing style and a wealth of real-world examples and exercises, Logic, Third Edition, shows how logic relates to everyday
life, demonstrating its applications in such areas as the workplace, media and entertainment, politics, science and technology, student life, and elsewhere. Thoroughly revised and expanded in this third edition, the text now features nearly 2,800 exercises, more than 200 of them new; updates
throughout; and a revised and expanded ancillary package.


* 2800 exercises--more than 200 of them new--breathe new life into logic
* The clearest explanations and real-world examples help bring logic down to earth for students
* A unique, extended explanation or model of the answer to the first question of each exercise section shows students what is expected of their answers
* "Profiles in Logic" provide short sketches of logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, and others associated with logic
* "Logic Challenge" problems present puzzles and paradoxes that end each chapter on a fun note
* Pedagogical elements--marginal definitions, key terms, a glossary, reference boxes, and bulleted chapter summaries--make the material even more accessible
* Detailed guides help students learn to complete "truth tables" and Venn diagrams.