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Exhibition Mockup [vol 6]

Posted by JayJay on 9-07-2019, 00:01 @ Grafik
Exhibition Mockup [vol 6]
Exhibition Mockup [vol 6]

You need a real presentation to design Invitation or Greeting? This item is able to answer it, you will get the maximum presentation with a clean 3D display, allowing you to do more detail to your design. work in photoshop using smart object, only took a few seconds for your design look realistic.


Editable via smart object
Path included for advance editing/compositing
High resolution, 300dpi, 3000px × 2000px
Realistic studio lighting with real soft shadows
Help file and instructions are included

View 1: 1200×800px; 900×1950px
View 2: 1500×1300px; 1400×1900px
View 3: 1500×1300px; 1400×1900px
View 4: 1200×800px;
View 5: 1200×1200px;
View 6: 1400×1900px;
View 7: 1400×1900px;
View 8 : 550×1900px;
View 9 : 2900×900px; 2300×900px; 2319×900px
View 10 : 1400×900px


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