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5 Biology and Genetics eBooks

Posted by JayJay on 22-05-2019, 04:27 @ English eBooks
5 Biology and Genetics eBooks
5 Biology and Genetics eBooks

* Happy Cactus: Choose It, Love It, Let It Thrive
* Colorado Wildlife (Falcon Pocket Guides)
* The Dog: A Natural History
* Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants and Their Use Throughout History
* The Helm Guide to Bird Identification

Happy Cactus: Choose It, Love It, Let It Thrive
English | March 29th, 2018 | ASIN: B077Z13Y32, ISBN: 0241341094 | 144 Pages | EPUB | 114.74 MB
Have you just joined the cactus craze? Do you want to know how to make your little bundle of spikes thrive, flower and breed? This quirky ebook is your essential guide to pleasing your prickly pet. Your cactus may be surviving, but is it happy? There's so much more to these little green plants than just keeping them alive. Happy Cactus gets right to the point with practical advice from potting to propagating. Unearth the secrets of different cacti and succulents, with profiles on more than 50 popular varieties - from the cute, flowering pincushion cactus to the wacky prickly pear, discover what makes your plant unique and how it might behave when treated with a little bit of love. Find out where to put it, when to water it, what to feed it, what to look out for and how to encourage its distinctive traits, from flower stalks to fast growth. Flick through inspirational features to help you create a show-stopping cactus display. Whether you're a young urbanite seeking a stylish houseplant for your flat but struggling to keep more temperamental plants alive, or a green-fingered cactus enthusiast determined to get your precious plant to grow and flower this year, Happy Cactus is here to answer all your questions.

Colorado Wildlife (Falcon Pocket Guides)
English | 3 Jun. 2014 | ISBN: 0762784962 | 208 Pages | EPUB | 9.68 MB
Falcon Pocket Guide: Colorado Wildlife is a field guide to 180 of the most common and sought-after wildlife species in the region. Anatomically correct illustrations and detailed descriptions about each animal's prominent physical attributes and natural habitat make it easy to identify wildlife in your backyard, favorite parks, and wildlife areas. Informative and beautiful to peruse, this is the essential resource when you're out in the field.

The Dog: A Natural History
2018 | ISBN: 0691176930 | English | 224 Pages | PDF | 16 MB
An accessible and richly illustrated introduction to the natural history of dogs-from evolution, anatomy, cognition, and behavior to the relationship between dogs and humans
As one of the oldest domesticated species, selectively bred over millennia to possess specific behaviors and physical characteristics, the dog enjoys a unique relationship with humans. More than any other animal, dogs are attuned to human behavior and emotions, and accordingly play a range of roles in society, from police and military work to sensory and emotional support. Selective breeding has led to the development of more than three hundred breeds that, despite vast differences, still belong to a single species, Canis familiaris.
The Dog is an accessible, richly illustrated, and comprehensive introduction to the fascinating natural history and scientific understanding of this beloved species. —d--m Mikl--si, a leading authority on dogs, provides an appealing overview of dogs' evolution and ecology; anatomy and biology; behavior and society; sensing, thinking, and personality; and connections to humans.
Illustrated with some 250 color photographs, The Dog begins with an introductory overview followed by an exploration of the dog's prehistoric origins, including current research about where and when canine domestication first began. The book proceeds to examine dogs' biology and behavior, paying particular attention to the physiological and psychological aspects of the ways dogs see, hear, and smell, and how they communicate with other dogs and with humans. The book also describes how dogs learn about their physical and social environments and the ways they form attachments to humans. The book ends with a section showcasing a select number of dog breeds to illustrate their amazing physical variety.

Beautifully designed and filled with surprising facts and insights, this book will delight anyone who loves dogs and wants to understand them better.

Death in the Garden: Poisonous Plants and Their Use Throughout History
2018 | ISBN: 1526708388 | English | 248 Pages | EPUB | 17 MB
Mankind has always had a morbid fascination with poisonous plants; how their poisonous properties were discovered and developed will most likely be left unknown. Over the centuries poisonous plants have been used to remove garden pests, unwanted rivals and deceitful partners. They have also been used for their medicinal qualities, as rather dangerous cosmetics, even to help seduce a lover when perceived as an aphrodisiac. Some of these and other uses originate in a medieval book that has not yet been translated into English.
Shamans and priests used these plants for their magical attributes, as a means to foretell the future or to commune with the gods.
Discover how a pot of Basil helped to conceal a savage murder.
Learn the truth about the mysterious mandrake, a real plant although many do not realise it.
Jane Austen wrote a conundrum to entertain her family; the answer is one of the plants in the book. Will you be able to solve the mystery?
Death In The Garden is based on Michael Brown's most popular talk, popular as this subject holds a strange interest, for many will enjoy learning about these treacherous and peculiar plants, their defensive and deadly traits, as well as the folklore that has grown around them. This title will appeal to gardeners, horticulturists, nature enthusiasts and anyone who holds an interest in this strange and enchanting corner of the garden. But be warned, many of these deathly plants may already be taking root in your very own garden...

The Helm Guide to Bird Identification
2014 | ISBN: 1408130351 | English | 400 Pages | PDF | 13 MB
The Birdwatch Bird Book of the Year 2014
This book covers difficult identification issues by looking at tricky species pairs or groups of birds, and comparing and contrasting their respective features. Designed as a field companion, it supplements the standard field guides and provides much additional information. As well as detailed texts, the books include extensive illustrations of all
relevant ages and plummages of the species concerned.