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5 Biology and Genetics e-Books

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5 Biology and Genetics e-Books
5 Biology and Genetics e-Books

* Animal Physiology: From Genes to Organisms
* Biology Today and Tomorrow with Physiology
* Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions
* Biology, 9th edition
* The 21st Century Fight for the Amazon: Environmental Enforcement in the World's Biggest Rainforest

Animal Physiology: From Genes to Organisms
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0840068654 | 840 Pages | PDF | 94.71 MB
Keep up with today's rapid advances in the biological sciences with ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY: FROM GENES TO ORGANISMS 2E with CourseMate! With coverage of animal species that will be relevant to your animal-related career, this biology text provides you with the tools you need to succeed. Boxes found throughout the text such as Molecular Biology and Genomics, Beyond the Basics, Challenges and Controversies, Unanswered Questions, and A Closer Look at Adaptation give you examples of cutting-edge research and help you see how what you are learning applies to the real world. Check Your Understanding questions after each major section help you review the main ideas as you read. Each chapter then ends with a Chapter Summary, a set of Review, Synthesize, and Analyze questions, and a list of Suggested Readings for further study.

Biology Today and Tomorrow with Physiology
English | 9 May 2012 | ISBN: 1133364454 | 640 Pages | PDF | 159.84 MB
BIOLOGY TODAY AND TOMORROW is packed with applications that are relevant to your daily life. The clear, straightforward writing style, in-text learning support, and trendsetting art help you understand key biological concepts. The accompanying Aplia for Biology further improves comprehension with conceptually based exercises and immediate feedback. Overall, this accessible and engaging introduction to biology provides an understanding of biology and the process of science while developing the critical-thinking skills.

Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0538735341 | 800 Pages | PDF | 68.98 MB
Learn how to make a difference in our environment! Using sustainability as the central theme, this current and thought-provoking book provides you with basic scientific tools for understanding and thinking critically about the environment and the environmental problems we face. Updated with new information, art, and "Good News" examples, this engaging book offers vivid case studies and hands-on quantitative exercises. The concept-centered approach transforms complex environmental topics and issues into key.

Biology, 9th edition
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0538741252 | 1408 Pages | PDF | 193.06 MB
Solomon/Berg/Martin, BIOLOGY -C often described as the best majors text for LEARNING biology -C is also a complete teaching program. The superbly integrated, inquiry-based learning system guides students through every chapter. Key concepts appear clearly at the beginning of each chapter and learning objectives start each section. Students then review the key points at the end of each section before moving on to the next one. At the end of the chapter, a specially focused Summary provides further reinforcement of the learning objectives. The ninth edition offers expanded integration of the text's three guiding themes of biology (evolution, information transfer, and energy for life) and innovative online and multimedia resources for students and instructors

The 21st Century Fight for the Amazon: Environmental Enforcement in the World's Biggest Rainforest
English | 15 Nov. 2017 | ISBN: 3319565516 | 192 Pages | PDF (True) | 4.18 MB
This book is the most updated and comprehensive look at efforts to protect the Amazon, home to half of the world's remaining tropical forests. In the past five years, the Basin's countries have become the cutting edge of environmental enforcement through formation of constitutional protections, military operations, stringent laws, police forces, judicial procedures and societal efforts that together break through barriers that have long restrained decisive action. Even such advances, though, struggle to curb devastation by oil extraction, mining, logging, dams, pollution, and other forms of ecocide. In every country, environmental protection is crippled by politics, bureaucracy, unclear laws, untrained officials, small budgets, regional rivalries, inter-ministerial competition, collusion with criminals, and the global demand for oils and minerals. Countries are better at creating environmental agencies, that is, than making sure that they work. This book explains why, with country studies written by those on the front lines-from national enforcement directors to biologists and activists.