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JixiPix Hand Tint Pro 1.06

Posted by wblue on 20-01-2018, 00:16 @ Program
JixiPix Hand Tint Pro, güzel elle boyalı fotoğraf oluşturmak için ihtiyacınız olan herşeyi (renk paletleri, kağıt ve akıllı fırçalar) sağlar. Tüm sanat formları gibi, el boyaması için iyi bir temel hazırlamak, boyama için bir tuval çizmek gibidir; bu nedenle, uygulamaya yerleştirilen her görüntünün rengi sıyırılır ve klasik bir Siyah-Beyaz, rüya gibi parlak bir Luminescent veya çağrıda bulunduğumuz eski bir Vintage fotoğraf haline dönüştürülür. Arka Plan Etkisi. Boyacınızı düzenli tutmak ve kontrol altında tutmak için size doğru fırçalama için alanları tanımlamak için Katmanlar ve kullanışlı bir Seçici Renk aracı veriyoruz. Her iki pro özellik de onları istediğiniz yerde renk tutmak için tasarlanmıştır.

JixiPix Hand Tint Pro
JixiPix Hand Tint Pro 1.06

Hand Tint Pro supplies everything you need—color palettes, paper and smart brushes—for creating beautiful and timeless hand painted photography. Like all art forms, preparing a good base for hand coloring is like stretching a canvas for painting, so every image placed in the app is stripped of color and transformed into a classic Black & White, a dreamy Luminescent or an aged Vintage photo we call a Background Effect. To keep your painting organized and in control, we give you Layers and a handy Selective Color tool to define areas for accurate brushing. Both pro features are designed to keep color where you want them.

Photo tinting or hand tinting adds soft, otherworldly colors to a photo, and can lend an antique feel to even the most modern subjects. Brush on color to add a life-like blush to the cheeks of a child, or draw attention to a single element, like a flower or sunset. Hand painting is a beautiful technique to take photography to a higher realm. The key is simplicity, light tinting each photography, scrapbook or craft project lends a nostalgic and timeless quality to every project you will love.

An easy workflow with a professional layering system has modes for tint, tone, color, multiply, soft paint or paint that can be changed per layer, and a powerful color selection tool to keep brushing inside isolated areas for fast colorization and accuracy. It is important to have fun while creating beautiful photo memories so a forgiving erase brush is there to wash away mistakes occurred during the painting process. If you need to stop, not a problem! Use the save project feature and return to finish when you are ready.

• Black and White —turns a photo into a classic black and white with options to adjust the RGB channels. A strength slider gradually blends the photo's original colors back in, if desired, for a variety of customized looks before the tinting process begins.
• Luminescent —adds dreamy brightness combined with subtle texture—that you control, as you brush on color, tint or tone
• Vintage —ages the photo with image toning and adds distressed paper for a beautiful and unique basis of your tinting project

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