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Gif Recorder

Posted by wblue on 26-12-2017, 13:11 @ Program
Gif Ekran Kaydedici, tüm cihazlarda desteklenen dosya formatında Gif formatında screencasts'ınızı hazırlar. Gif Screen Recorder ve Hareketli Gif Editör, hareketli gif formatında screencasts oluşturmak için profesyonel araçlar, kullanımı kolay. Gif ekran kaydedicisini kullanarak, Windows masaüstünüze eylemler kaydedebilirsiniz.

Gif Recorder
Gif Recorder

Gif Screen Recorder make your screencasts in Gif, the file format supported on all devices. The Gif Screen Recorder and Animated Gif Editor are easy to use, professional tools to create screencasts in the animated gif format. Using the gif screen recorder you can record actions on your Windows desktop.

The Gif Recorder lets you create gif animations easily for explanatory or promotional purpose. Using the gif screen recorder you can record actions on your desktop. Typical uses are making a screencast for educational use or having a film available for repeated questions in a helpdesk or product or brand promotion animations and banners on your website. With the Animated Gif Editor you can add subtitles, add or change images. The editor includes a gif to AVI converter so you can also publish your animation on YouTube.

* Show how to. No matter how accurate your texts are, explaining step by step, your audience will often remain thinking: 'ok, but can you show me exactly how to do that?'. If they then can start a screen recording going through the exact moves, they will feel much obliged

* Impress your audience. Including animations make your presentation stand out

* Gif and Audio. Gif files don't include audio tracks, but you can make a separate sound file and synchronize them