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MobiSaver for iPhone 7.5 Build 2017.10.19

Posted by wblue on 26-10-2017, 16:13 @ Program
EaseUS MobiSaver, iPhone, iPad ve iPod Touch cihazlarınız üzerinden silinmiş olan verileri kurtarabilmeniz için tasarlanmış ücretsiz bir Windows yazılımıdır.

Kişi listesi, mesajlar, notlar, videolar, fotoğraflar ve benzeri tüm verilerinizi kolayca geri getirmenize olanak sağlayan bu yararlı uygulama tüm iOS işletim sistemine sahip cihazlar üzerinde kolayca kullanılabilmektedir.

MobiSaver for iPhone
MobiSaver for iPhone 7.5 Build 2017.10.19

EaseUS MobiSaver helps you get back lost files on your iOS device, but it only works if you have the already bloated iTunes installed. Once you have it up and running it works perfectly and it will be especially helpful if your iTunes backup has failed.

Even though EaseUS MobiSaver helps you back up your files from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you still need to have iTunes to make it work. This program won't replace that if you own an Apple gadget with a Windows laptop. Like Apple's own media player, EaseUs MobiSaver Free is a hefty download, checking in at about 60MB. That means it will take a while to download if you have a slower Internet connection. Once you've installed the program, it works seamlessly. It automatically backs up any files you tell it to: SMS, contacts, photos, and more. It can even pull files that you accidentally deleted from your gadget, giving you a nice fail-safe if your iTunes backup gave up the ghost. You can host your backup locally, but the app doesn't come with any online storage. None of that matters much if you're in a sticky situation, though -- and that's exactly where this app will come in handy.